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How Much Does Tempered Glass Cost? Prices Explained

Updated: 06/19/2024

Tempered glass, often called toughened glass, is a type of safety glass known for its strength and durability. This glass undergoes a unique heating and cooling process, making it an ideal choice for various applications like shower doors, glass walls, windows, tabletops, and shelves. But how much does tempered glass actually cost?

While the price can vary, you can typically expect to pay between $5 and $35 per square foot. This range serves as a starting point, as the final cost will depend on several factors specific to your project.

Apex Tempered Glass is here to break down those factors, giving you a clear understanding of the potential cost of your tempered glass project.

The Impact of Tempered Glass Thickness on Price

One of the biggest factors affecting the cost is tempered glass thickness. We can manufacture this glass type in the following thicknesses:

  • 5/32 inch;
  • 3/16 inch;
  • 1/4 inch;
  • 3/8 inch;
  • 1/2 inch;
  • 3/4 inch;
  • 1 inch.

Tempered glass sheets are a cost-effective and safe choice for many applications. Here’s a table outlining thickness options and their corresponding pricing:

Thickness Typical Applications Glass Price per Square Foot
3/32 Inch (Single Strength) Picture frames, craft projects $8 -$10
1/8 Inch (Double Strength) Cabinet doors, compact table tops $9 -$12
1/4 Inch Shower doors, shelves, table tops $12 – $15
3/8 Inch Shower doors, partitions, glass railings $15-$20
1/2 Inch and Thicker Table tops, shelves in high-traffic areas, commercial uses $20+

Tempered Glass Cost vs. Annealed Glass

Tempered glass panels typically come with a higher price tag than annealed glass (sometimes referred to as standard or “normal” glass). Annealed glass is commonly used for windows and applications where safety isn’t a top priority, whereas tempered glass, known for its enhanced strength, breaks into small, relatively harmless pieces, making it the safer option for many projects.

The price gap between tempered vs annealed glass can range from $2 to $5 per square foot, depending on the thickness and dimensions of the glass.

Tempered Glass Cost vs. Laminated Glass

Laminated glass, another type of safety glass, consists of multiple layers of glass bonded together with a plastic interlayer. This construction makes it even stronger than tempered glass and less likely to shatter upon impact. The plastic interlayer holds the broken glass fragments together, offering a heightened level of safety, particularly for applications like glass railings or overhead installations.

Laminated glass is typically more expensive than tempered glass. The price difference will vary depending on the thickness of the glass and the type of plastic interlayer used, but it is typically in the range of $5 to $10 per square foot.

Tempered Glass Price per Sqft

How Much Does Laminated Tempered Glass Cost?

Combining the strengths of both tempered and laminated glass, laminated tempered glass offers the ultimate in safety and performance. It’s the preferred choice for high-impact applications and situations where safety is paramount. As you might expect, this premium safety comes at a higher cost, typically ranging from $10 to $40 per square foot.

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How Much Are Enhanced Tempered Glass Options?

Enhanced tempered glass offers a variety of benefits over standard tempered glass, including a more polished look and the ability to be cut into specific shapes. Here’s a breakdown of the costs for some popular enhancements.


Laminating tempered glass involves adding a layer of protective material, enhancing safety and durability. You can expect to invest between $9 and $18 per square foot for PVB lamination (a common type of plastic interlayer) and $15 to $30 per square foot for an EVA interlayer (known for its UV resistance and clarity).


Polishing creates a smooth, finished edge on tempered glass, giving it a more refined look. These polished edges are slightly more expensive than standard edges, typically ranging from $2 to $5 per linear foot.

Miter Cutting

Miter cutting involves creating angled cuts in glass, often used for corner shelves or projects where glass pieces meet at an angle. The cost varies depending on the cut’s complexity but generally falls between $10 and $20 per cut. Our team can handle angles from 5° to 45°.

Hole Drilling and Hinge Cut-Outs

Hole drilling and hinge cut-outs are often necessary for shower doors and other projects requiring hardware attachment. The cost depends on the number of holes and the complexity of the cuts, and typically ranges from $5 to $15 per hole or cut-out.

Waterjet Cutting for Designs

This process uses a high-pressure stream of water to cut designs into glass. This is a popular option for decorative applications with custom designs. The cost of waterjet cutting will vary depending on the complexity of the design, but the prices are usually from $5 to $20 per square foot.

Waterjet Cutting for Designs

How Much Does Custom-Cut Glass Cost?

Tempered glass cut to size is priced based on the square footage and the intricacy of the required cuts. Simple, straight cuts are generally more affordable than curves or notches. Additionally, the thickness of the glass influences the final cost.
As a rule of thumb, you can expect to pay between $10 and $35 per square foot for custom-cut tempered glass, with the price increasing for more complex cuts or thicker glass.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Tempered Glass?

Labor costs for tempered glass installation typically range from $50 to $150 per hour. Here at Apex Tempered Glass, we offer expert installation services to our valued customers in Illinois and Wisconsin, and if you purchase both your tempered glass and installation from us, delivery is on us!

What Is the Price for Tempered Glass Replacement?

The cost of replacing tempered glass varies depending on the size and thickness of the glass, along with the labor involved in removal and installation. To give you an idea, replacing window glass usually costs between $175 and $600.

Why Is Tempered Glass a Good Value?

While tempered glass might be a bit pricier than standard glass, its numerous advantages make it a worthwhile investment. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits:

Feature Description
Enhanced Strength Up to 5 times stronger than regular annealed glass, resisting impacts and bangs like a champ
Safety Reduced risk of serious injury when broken – thanks to shattering into small, blunt pieces
Heat Resistance Won’t crack or break due to temperature fluctuations
Durability Better resistance to scratches, chips, and thermal breakage
Versatility Can be cut, drilled, and polished to suit your project’s specific needs
Aesthetics Adding a touch of style and sophistication to any space

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